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Food for Children

Breakfast in Honduras

In Honduras, we are feeding over 820 sponsored children each morning. Many of these children are from families who live in urban poverty, raised by a single mother on less than five dollars a day. The food we supply, alongside our partners, make a huge difference in children’s lives and makes each day at school more successful.


Zimbabwe School Meals

For over ten years we have been working in communities in Zimbabwe, increasing childhood health by providing school meals. Thank you for helping us bring nutritious food to children suffering through hunger and drought. We are able to safeguard these children’s futures together by bringing them a school meal each day.


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Malawi Food for Children with Disabilities

ERDO is partnering with Children of Blessing Trust (COBT) in Malawi to help children with disabilities reach their full potential. A major part of our work involves providing healthy food to help a child recover from malnutrition. We are bringing supplemental and therapeutic food to over 600 children with disabilities. COBT is also responding to the nutritional needs of approximately 90 mothers of children with disabilities who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and also suffer from malnutrition.


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Zimbabwe Vulnerable Child Feeding

Located in Tsholotsho, in southern Zimbabwe, this project fills a gap that is not being covered by other local or international non-profits in the area. The project provides 12,900 vulnerable children with a nutritional high-protein cereal every day. In Zimbabwe, we are working with 11,250 toddlers between the ages of 24 and 59 months, and 1,650 children from 13-17 years old who are living with physical or developmental disabilities.