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School Meals in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, once known as a breadbasket of Africa, has seen years of drought. Food became a valuable resource. Ongoing inflation has further increased food costs and multiple years of drought left many families with few options to feed themselves.  In 2019, the BBC declared that Zimbabwe was “on the brink of a manmade starvation” with 90% of children experiencing malnourishment.

For over ten years we have been working in communities in Zimbabwe to increase the health of children through providing school meals. By helping us bring nutritious food to children, we can safeguard their futures together!

Working in 86 schools in Zimbabwe, we are providing a fortified cereal which is cooked onsite by volunteers. This cereal gives children nutrition 5 days a week for the whole year. Teachers are included in receiving food as they supervise their students during mealtimes and are also in need of a nutritional boost.

In the past year, our supporters have helped us feed over 41,600 primary school students every weekday for the entire year.

This project costs over $1.2 million, but through a special combination of matching grants dependent on our fundraising, ERDO needs to raise $200,000.

Help feed children in Zimbabwe today!