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Clean Water Matters

When you’re thirsty, you can think of nothing else. And yet, 1 in 10 people live without access to clean drinking water. Help bring clean water to a family or community in need today.

Water is critical for all of life. Quenching thirst, cooking, maintaining brain function and proper hygiene and sanitation all require clean water. Dehydration caused by waterborne illnesses is a leading cause of death in young children around the world. Working together we can keep kids safe by providing clean drinking water to communities in need.  

ERDO has a long history of delivering clean water to urban and rural areas in the developing world through filtration units, borewells and tube wells. We always work with the community themselves to find the best long-lasting solution for their water needs. 

Since we know access to clean water impacts the quality of a child’s life, please join us by donating to a water project today.

Water Technologies We Use

Bio-sand filters

A bio-sand filter is a large plastic container that filters impurities out of water using layers of sand and gravel. Our program in Honduras uses these in both home and classroom settings. Healthier children attend school more regularly so this is a win for children.

Drilled Wells

In countries, like Zimbabwe, water is hiding deep below the earth. Drilled wells are the only option to provide clean drinking water. A large truck with specialized drilling equipment is brought into the community where it bores through the layers of earth to access fresh water.

Tube Wells

Tube wells are sunk deep into the ground to reach clean sources of water in areas that are closer to sea-level, like Bangladesh. In rural Bangladesh, most families collect water from local ponds, which are not clean and can carry serious life-threatening waterborne illnesses.

Million Cups of Water

Our goal through Million Cups of Water is to raise $100,000 for clean water programs and supply one million cups of water to people in need each year. It is an ambitious goal, but one that will continue helping people for many years to come.

Funds raised through Million Cups of Water will create clean water wells in places like rural Bangladesh. Working with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh, we have a long history of installing deep tube wells to keep families from drinking water that is laced with arsenic and other toxins.