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Zimbabwe Drilled Wells

Drilling for water in thirsty communities

In countries where water is hiding deep below the earth, drilled wells are the only option to provide clean drinking water.  A large truck with specialized drilling equipment is brought into the community where it bores through the layers of earth to access fresh water.

It’s a job for heavy machinery

Borewells are used in countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, where water is found deep underground beneath layers of hard rock.  Our current need is to place additional borewells in Zimbabwe.  ERDO is drilling 2 solar powered borewells located in Zaka and Gutu Districts in Zimbabwe. Each well will be installed with a solar powered pump, two reservoir tanks, and lighting to increase safety at night. The 2 wells will supply water for 6 villages (550 families, 2,750 people) providing clean water for drinking, domestic use, watering vegetable gardens, and livestock.

By making a donation of any amount, you can be a part of community transformation. Having access to clean water not only helps with health and hygiene, but in the ability to irrigate crops and grow healthy food.

The average cost of a borewell is $30,000, but a gift of any amount towards that cost is appreciated so that we can serve communities that need clean, fresh water. Thank you for your donation today!