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Volunteer with ERDO

Volunteers are an important part of the ERDO team!  There are opportunities for volunteers to get involved in short-term ways, or to become super volunteers.

We’re so excited that you’re checking on how to volunteer with ERDO.  There are a few different ways you can get involved:

General Volunteers

General Volunteers can help accelerate mini projects that don’t necessarily require an ongoing commitment. These opportunities may include: 

  • Writing letters to sponsored children
  • Becoming a prayer volunteer
  • Becoming a digital volunteer and helping spread the news about upcoming events and campaigns on social media.

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Event Volunteers

These are volunteers who commit to participating in an ERDO event that is led by an ERDO staff member or an Ambassador. This may require a bit more time commitment than a general volunteer, but usually for a shorter amount of time.  Roles could include things like:

  • Giving out information at a booth
  • Signing in event participants at a location

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An ERDO Ambassador is a highly committed long-term volunteer. They are the most engaged volunteers who receive a lot of training and resources from ERDO so that they can well represent our mission and programs at events and meetings.  Ambassadors will represent ERDO in key geographic areas and help promote opportunities for people to become child sponsors or fund other non-sponsorship programs. 

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