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Celebrating You and Your Legacy

Thank you for looking into celebrating your life and God’s goodness to you with an estate gift to ERDO. Many Canadians have chosen ERDO as their trusted partner in making their legacies come alive after their passing. We never take that trust lightly and are honoured that you are here and looking at this page today.

While the information and links on this page explains certain gift options, it is advised that you discuss your financial and charitable goals with legal and financial advisors. Doing this will ensure that you find the best solution to align with your needs, and potentially reduce estate taxes. 

You will also need to create or update an existing Will.  There is more about this in the FAQ section below.

For an overview of giving options, you can download a brochure now.

“By leaving an estate gift to ERDO, you will be investing in Isaiah 1:17: “Do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Plead for the widow.”

General/ Undesignated

A general gift allows the greatest flexibility in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. They also assist ERDO in increasing our ability to meet the needs of people. Examples include: equipment, support staff or advertising to gain additional sponsors and donors.

ChildCARE Plus (CCP)

A gift that is designated to ChildCARE Plus will assist with the additional needs of children in our programs, or the support needs of CCP. Gifts that are designated to a specific sponsored child are not easily managed and carry risk. This is further outlined in the FAQ section below.

Crisis Response

A gift that is designated to Crisis Response will meet the needs of people experiencing crises. These could include food and non-food items. Since 1983 ERDO has responded to hunger crises, crises caused by civil conflict and situations of natural disasters.

Community Development

Community development gifts enable important programs that are building blocks for the long-term health and wellness of communities. Current programs include developing clean water sources, microfinance loans for women, and much more.
“As you work through your estate planning, please contact us about the intention of your gift, or any other areas of interest, so that we may answer any questions. Contact information is in the FAQ section below. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A specific cash amount
  • A percentage of your total estate
  • Publicly traded securities
  • Life insurance

To read about each of these ways of giving, download ERDO’s Estate Planning brochure

Your Last Will and Testament is an essential piece of your estate planning.  It’s critical that you have a legally valid Will so that your estate will be distributed according to your exact wishes.

ERDO does not prepare Wills.

We do recommend that in planning your estate, and writing a Will, you should discuss your financial and charitable estate goals with your family and professional advisors. We do not make recommendations on specific service providers for this.

To find the best donation method to align with your needs and reduce your estate tax we recommend you seek professional advice.  

If you already have a Will, you don’t need to rewrite it to now include an estate gift to ERDO.  Ask your legal advisor about creating a codicil to your Will.  A codicil is a legal instrument which modifies an earlier Will.

In drafting your legal Will, you will need the following information:

ERDO’s legal name and address:

ERDO, 2450 Milltower Court, Mississauga, ON, L5N 5Z6

Canadian Charitable Registration Number: 

# 87591 2701 RR0001

These two things are important to specify in planning your Will:

  1. Gift Intent:

I direct my Trustees to pay or transfer to ERDO, 2450 Milltower Court, Mississauga Ontario L5N 5Z6, the sum of $__________ or to transfer all or ______% of the residue of my estate.

The “Power to Vary” clause below is important to include if you are planning a designated gift.  This lessens the administrative burden on your Trustee(s) and ERDO in the unlikely case your legacy gift is designated to an area which is no longer part of ERDO’s ministry.

  1. Power to Vary:

“The funds donated to ERDO should be used for __________. If at the time of the acceptance of the gift the desired allocation of the funds is no longer practical or feasible, ERDO’s leadership is hereby authorized to identify alternative use that best reflects the spirit and intent of the gift.”

Please contact one of our Leadership staff to assist you with any questions: 

Rev. David Adcock, Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]


Carol Froom, Director of Resource Development

[email protected]

“Since 1983, ERDO has cared for the needs of people. You can count on us to continue “doing good” in this world in our focus areas of ministry.”