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Help End Hunger

Regular nutrition from healthy food is critical for child development, resisting illness and so much more. Food programs have been a core area of ERDO’s work since we began. It’s what we’re passionate about. ERDO’s food programs occur across our three focus areas, which include crisis response, community development and child development. Learn more about each of the food program types below. 

Food for Crises

People need access to food in times of crisis, whether they are experiencing a natural disaster or living in a war zone. Rather than shipping food from Canada to meet crisis needs, ERDO works to provide food from neighbouring countries to support local economies.

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Food for Children

These projects include in-school meals and nutrition programs for children who need extra support. These food programs are often linked to needs in our child sponsorship areas, but not exclusively.

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Food for Communities

ERDO’s food projects help communities to enhance their food production, decrease crop and soil erosion and provide healthier growing conditions for farmers. These programs increase a community’s access to nutrition and help them recover from drought.

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Matched Programs

Some of ERDO’s emergency food programs are matched up to 4x by the Government of Canada through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This means that every dollar donated means two dollars are sent to a family in need. Through our matched programs, we can feed even more families!

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