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Churches – Our Vital Partners in Reaching People in Need

We’re excited to work with you to help end poverty and suffering in Jesus’ name. We’ve already done some amazing work with church partners: creating clean sources of water, delivering food in times of crisis, supporting children with the gift of education, and so much more. Let’s do more together! Here are some resources you can download and share.

ERDO Speakers

Want an ERDO representative to speak virtually or in-person at your church? David Adcock, ERDO’s CEO is available to come and share how ERDO is working to bring practical humanitarian aid and the love of Jesus into communities experiencing poverty and injustice.

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Million Cups of Water

Have you seen our newest campaign?  Clean water saves lives… yet more than 2 billion people drink contaminated water.  We can help change that! Watch this video and see how joining the Million Cups of Water campaign saves lives. Find downloadable resources (trivia, games and more) by clicking the button below.

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Introducing 365

ERDO’s 365 campaign helps women, young women and girls through specially designed programs like growing small businesses, providing water for female farmers to help their crops grow, and keeping girls in school.  A world with no poverty starts with empowering these women, so they can keep changing the world one day at a time.

ERDO’s 365 Campaign brings the stories and needs of women and girls forward. There are amazing projects you can support to become part of a woman’s success.

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Farmers in the House?

Do members of your church have farmland and want to donate crops from a portion of those acres to help ERDO? Through membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, that crop or even cattle donations, when designated to ERDO’s account at the Foodgrains Bank, can help us access Canadian Government funding of up to 4:1 for food programs.

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Your Story

Share your ERDO stories with us! Does your church do something special to raise funds to support ERDO projects or sponsor children? Share your story and help inspire other churches.

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