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Bangladesh Flooding

September 16, 2022

Millions of people in Bangladesh fled their homes after monsoon rainfall caused flooding and massive food shortages in the summer of 2022. ERDO responded with emergency food for 2,000 families in need

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ERDO’s Program Principles

September 20, 2022

ERDO works alongside communities in need, bringing sustainable long-term solutions to address poverty. We base our programs on six principles, which reflect ERDO's core values.

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Meet Nadine

September 05, 2022

Nadine is the mother of four. Before joining Wezesha, ERDO’s microfinance program, she had a small fruit vending business. Read how this program changed her life!

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Million Cups of Water

August 15, 2022

In May 2022 we launched a new campaign called a Million Cups of Water. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for clean water programs and supply one million cups of water to people in need this year.

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Clean Water for Bangladesh

August 03, 2022

The village had no clean water. The women and their families risked waterborne diseases, insect borne diseases and skin irritation from the dirty water. Read the full story of change here.

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Dusabe is a Hardworking Woman Full of Hope and Courage!

July 22, 2022

Dusabe is a single mother of three children who lives in in Gasenyi, Burundi. She is hardworking, hopeful, and courageous, and has owned her own business since she was seventeen.

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Sowpeap’s Story

July 11, 2022

Sowpeap, a sponsored child in Cambodia, almost lost her life after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Thanks to the faithfulness of God, Sowpeap's life was saved!

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