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Dusabe is a Hardworking Woman Full of Hope and Courage!

Dusabe is a single mother of three children who lives in in Gasenyi, Burundi. She is hardworking, hopeful, and courageous, and has owned her own business since she was seventeen. Things were difficult for her for many years as Dusabe could not make enough money to sustain her business or fully provide for her family. One day, God opened a door for her in an unexpected way: ERDO’s Wezesha Project.

The Wezesha Project offered her microfinance loans and equipped her to expand her business. Before Dusabe joined Wezesha, she sold her wares of soap and salt on the street, but knew that it was an unsafe situation. With her loans from Wezesha, she was able to rent a much safer place in the market.

However, just as her business was beginning to grow, the situation took another difficult turn. Dusabe was poisoned, and spent a month bedridden and unable to work. Yet, even as her product began to spoil, she knew that God was on her side, and remained hopeful.

Dusabe has now recovered, and is running a sustainable and growing business. She has been involved with Wezesha for a year and a half, and is now on her fifth loan. Through this provision, she can provide her children with an improved education. She has even been able to buy a plot of land on which to build a house! She is constantly improving and growing, and has many plans for the future. Her life has been transformed!

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