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Meet Nadine

Nadine is the mother of four. Before joining Wezesha, ERDO’s microfinance program, she had a small fruit vending business. It was not easy for Nadine, as she didn’t have a fixed location and had to move her stall from one place to another. It was tiresome both in the rainy season and during the hot summer. She did not have any savings and couldn’t grow her business. 

In Swahili, wezesha means to empower. In one of the poorest countries in the world, we can see women empowered to become financially independent through small business loans. 

Nadine became part of a borrowers group called Jerusalem. Women in the Jerusalem group all own a small business, where they sew or sell fruits and vegetable beside the road, and are all trying to support their families. By banding together, these women can support each other through the Wezesha program, receiving training together and helping each other pay back their loans. 

Women in the Jerusalem group also become part of a church community, learning about God and his plan for each life. 

Through Wezesha, Nadine has been able to grow her business to ten times its original worth! With her savings, she has purchased a stable location for her stall and has made more investments. She now owns a small plot of land, where she is a landlord. She’s also started building a new house for her family. 

Nadine’s next dream is to buy a small vehicle and create a taxi service from her home. Thanks to the training and the support of the Jerusalem group, she is working towards giving her children a better future. 

You can help another woman like Nadine who is struggling to support her family.