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Canadians Ending World Hunger

Canadian farmland is transforming the lives of hungry people around the world. The idea is simple: when we plant seeds in Canada, harvest our crops and share the profits with families in need across the world, we change a community’s story of poverty.

When you grow crops in Canada through Cultivate, you can fund programs that bring healthy school meals to children in places like Haiti, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can empower female farmers to earn an income and support their children.

By donating crops, matched funding is provided by the Canadian government through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Many of our food programs are matched up to 4 times through this incredible partnership.

If you know a farmer willing to plant a few acres to donate to an ERDO food project, please let us know!

Seeds are planted in a field in Canada

Crops are harvested

Profits from crops go to ERDO’s CFGB account and are matched by the Foodgrains Bank and the Government of Canada

Matched donations are sent to food programs overseas