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Honduras Biosand Filters

In Honduras, the dry season can last from November until May. Water shortages are normal in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, where over 300 of ERDO’s ChildCARE Plus sponsored children and their families live. As a city with a high percentage of urban poverty, many families struggle to find water—clean or otherwise.

Typically, a reservoir in the mountains collects rainwater which is delivered by truck to families in Tegucigalpa and the surrounding area. In the dry season, water does not arrive on time. Families who rely on these truck deliveries can quickly run out of water. Without water a family cannot make a meal or clean or stay hydrated under the warm Honduran sun.

Kathy Mizen, our PAOC global worker in Honduras, writes, “It’s heartbreaking to me and unbelievable, really. Something that is ‘supposed’ to be one of the most basic necessities of life is not readily available for thousands of people, even millions around the world. Most of us really cannot fully grasp that.”

Bio Sand Filters and their impact

A bio-sand filter is a plastic container that filters impurities out of water using layers of sand and gravel. In Honduras, we’ve installed over 800 bio-sand filters, which means over 800 families are now able to access clean drinking water. Without a bio-sand filter, families have to pay for weekly water deliveries that are often still unsafe for drinking. With a bio-sand filter, families can keep their children safe from waterborne illness. Both water and sanitation are essential for child health so we’re really excited about bringing this simple technology to help families in Honduras.

350 bio-sand filters will be installed in households in the communities of the Buena Vista, Mary Flakes, Altos Centroamerica, Nueva Capital. 6 latrine/washing stations will be installed in public schools as well as 6 filtration systems. Our partner will continue to follow up and provide maintenance of previous filter installations. The scope of work will cover 6,500 households and 34,300 beneficiaries.

A gift of $300 provides a single bio sand filter.  Your donation of any amount today will help a family or classroom in need of fresh water.  Thank you so much for your generous gift today.