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Feeding Vulnerable Children in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, there are thousands of children who are extremely vulnerable. Many of these children are at an age where nutrition is key to development. For example, between the ages of 2-5, proper nutrition can make the difference between a thriving life and a life susceptible to sickness. We are partnering with these young children to ensure they receive the extra support they need.

Another vulnerable group are teens, between 13 and 17, living with disabilities. Many of these teens have HIV/AIDS and other medical conditions, and one of their main struggles is not having enough nutrition. Certain HIV/AIDS medication must be taken with food, and without proper nutrition, their condition can accelerate. We bring these children larger portions of food to help them maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle.

This past year we fed 12,900 children in Zimbabwe who are young and vulnerable or are teens living with disabilities!

We have been blessed with a donor who provides the funding for these meals. However, we still need to raise enough funds to run the program, which includes covering the costs to coordinate food deliveries to each child and paying for staff to run the program.

You can make the difference in providing the delivery of this food for children! Every dollar makes a huge difference in the life of a hungry child.

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