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Helping Families in Zimbabwe through “HERD”

From crisis to crops

ERDO has worked in Zimbabwe for many years, providing food to people who have faced extreme economic challenges and desperate hunger. Ongoing inflation has further increased food costs and multiple years of drought left many families with few options to feed themselves. ERDO’s work on this project in Zimbabwe is called a “HERD” project.  This is short for “Humanitarian Early Recovery and Development”.

On October 1, 2021, ERDO and our local partner, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe (PAOZ), began providing emergency food to 5,800 people, about 1,160 families, for 9 months. These monthly baskets included maize, beans and fortified cooking oil. With this food, ERDO provided for families during Zimbabwe’s harshest season, as food became extremely scarce.

The path to recovery

The current phase of this project which runs through to December 2023 is to help people recover their livelihoods and realize sustaining and lasting ways to care for their families. We will help these families in Masvingo province through these practical activities:

  • Tools, seeds and conservation agriculture training for 300 farmers
  • Tools, seeds and training for 300 female farmers planting vegetable gardens
  • Shelter, animals and training for 200 women raising chickens and rabbits
  • Savings and loans groups and entrepreneur training for 300 families
  • Refurbished water sources and 2 new community borewells are being drilled

Thank you for your continued partnership and your assistance to the people of Masvingo. With a donation matched 4 times by the Government of Canada, you are helping to create a world without hunger.

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