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Fluffles & Flocks

Life in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has faced years of extreme challenges. Over half the population, 7.7 million people, do not have enough food to eat. Young people in Zimbabwe are having difficulty finding employment and their families are hungry.

ERDO is working with young female farmers, providing business and animal care training as well as bringing livestock, including rabbits and chickens, to families. You can help a young farmer provide for her family by bringing them the training and tools they need.

24 Months

From July 2022 to June 2024, ERDO is working closely with women in Zimbabwe.


ERDO is bringing training and livestock, chicken and rabbits, to female farmers to help them build their businesses.

360 Women

ERDO will be working with 360 female farmers in 6 communities throughout Tscholotscho, a region of Zimbabwe.

Bringing Fluffles & Flocks to Farms

Alongside our partners, we are bringing female farmers free-range chickens and rabbits, providing them with business and animal care training. These chickens and rabbits will be a source of meat and eggs for the family, bringing more food into the household. Women will also be able to sell the animals and eggs to increase their income and better care for their families.

A marketing app has been designed for the program in Tsholotsho, which allows women to sell their animals to people outside their immediate local market. This opens up new avenues for women to further increase their family income.

A survey in 2021 found that Tsholotsho has the highest percentile of female-headed families in Zimbabwe. Many of these women do not have the education or the ability to support their family alone. Some do not have the ability to own land or livestock.

This program will have a huge impact on the women of Tsholotscho. Bringing livestock to these families will establish new opportunities for women whose husbands have died or have migrated to other countries.

Thank you in advance for your support of ERDO and families in Zimbabwe.