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William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre

A first-class training facility

Sometimes young people aren’t able to continue on with secondary or post-secondary academic studies. Vocational training is the best solution to prepare them for a career. To help young people on a path to earning an income and breaking the cycle of poverty, ERDO assists by providing vocational training opportunities in some of our program countries.

The William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre (WCVTC) is a 50,000 square foot secondary and technical school in Guatemala, which is bringing a generation of young Guatemalans a first-class vocational training experience.

The vision at WCVTC is to influence a nation with well prepared graduates who will impact their workplace with practical skills, leadership and hope for the future. Breaking their cycle of poverty and raising the quality of life for their families, communities and country.

Market research in Guatemala indicated that a number of careers were in need of skilled workers. From this study, the roster of subjects taught at the school was developed, which includes:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Computation (How to use, build, maintain and program computers)
  • Electrical Engineering

Students at WCVTC are sponsored for $100 per month over a 2 to 3 year period to allow them to fully develop their career skills. If you are not able to sponsor today but would like to make a financial gift towards the purchase of equipment and supplies to be used at the center, your one-time donation would be appreciated.  Thank your for your investment in the lives of these young minds.