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Archer’s Post, Kenya


Supporting and empowering youth

Samburu Country has experienced much drought and food insecurity in the last several years. It has become increasingly difficult to live, and many young people have dropped out of school to provide for their families.

The families in Archer’s Post, part of Samburu County where ERDO works, are pastoralists. They rely on raising livestock for their livelihood.

Around 73% of the population here live in poverty. Young people are having trouble establishing themselves and earning an income to care for their families. Since it has been difficult to farm, young adults have been setting up small businesses to create their own income.

ERDO has been working with these young adults to grow their small businesses.

Program Highlights

Length of Project

From April 2022 to May 2025

Project Budget

$120,000 is needed to fund the variety of projects for 3 years.

Project Goal

To build small businesses and lift youth out of poverty


Increasing the program reach from 175 women and girls to include 200 men and boys

What ERDO is doing

Working alongside a local organization based in Kenya, ERDO is focusing on empowering young people!

ERDO began working in Archer’s Post with a program which trained 175 young mothers to create their own sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. These women started their own small businesses, creating beadwork or opening small shops, known as a ‘manyattas’. They were trained in entrepreneurial skills and became part of village savings and loan groups.

ERDO is not only continuing to work with these 175 women and girls, but also working toward transformation in the lives of men and boys in the area. We are increasing our program in Archer’s Post to include another 200 young men and women in the area.

These men and women will be involved in harvesting dormant river sand. Our partners will train youth to convert sand into building and construction products. They will learn how to market their products and will gain the needed skills to start their own small businesses. Youth will also take part in clubs where they will discuss areas of faith, as well as village savings and loan groups where they will grow their financial literacy skills.

Thank you for your donation of any amount towards young people in Archer’s Post, Kenya. With your generosity, this next generation will be empowered to change their own future.