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Food for Yemen

The devastating civil war in Yemen was fueled by corruption, unemployment and food scarcity. After many years of conflict with the added strains of COVID-19, these issues have grown exponentially. Thousands of civilians have died from violence and even more have been affected by starvation, pre­ventable disease and malnutrition.

80% of people in Yemen need humanitarian assistance and protection from conflict now.

Last year, ERDO and our local partner successfully provided emergency food supplies to 800 families living on the edge of a conflict zone. These families were given food each month for six months, thanks to donors and a 4:1 match from the Govern­ment of Canada through Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).

You can bring food to Yemen!

ERDO’s goal is to continue responding to families in need in this very vulnerable area of Yemen. This project is reducing loss of life from malnutrition and star­vation, ensuring families have constant access to food.

Emergency food supplies contain staple local food items. Following Yemen’s food regulation requirements, this food will meet a family’s minimum dietary needs.

Once again, we will provide a six-month food supply to 1,200 families, made up of approximately 7,800 people.

Food baskets include information brochures to help families avoid contracting other preventable illnesses now widespread in Yemen, including cholera and diphtheria. Our partner organization is also including information on how to detect and avoid landmines, which will save innocent lives throughout this war.

Thank you for partnering with us as we provide for the immediate needs of those facing starvation in Yemen. Together, we are showing these hard-to-reach people the love of Christ.

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How We’re Responding Together

Emergency Food

We are bringing a monthly food basket to families in need for the next six months. These baskets will be filled with local food staples, providing nutrition for the whole family!

1,200 Families

Many of the families we work with have fled their home due to fighting. Children are facing malnourishment, and parents are struggling to provide for their families.

4:1 Match!

Every dollar donated will be matched 4x! This match is made possible by the Canadian government through our partnership with CFGB.

Abdullah’s Story

After years of conflict in Yemen, Abdullah fled his home. He is now living with relatives and working as a day labourer.

Abdullah has managed to save enough money to buy the materials to construct his own home, however, life in Yemen has come to a standstill.

Costs have risen so high that many families cannot afford food, and Abdullah is not able to build his house.

We have been working in Yemen with families like Abdullah’s, providing emergency food baskets for six months at a time. Recently we gave food to Abdullah and, alongside our local partner, we’re helping him get back on his feet!

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