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War in Ukraine

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Ukraine has been under attack since February 24, 2022.  This ongoing conflict continues to leave people in desperate need, including access to food, water, medicine and shelter. Though many Ukrainians have started returning home, the trauma and lack of services continues to create challenges.

ERDO is actively monitoring the evolving situation and is providing practical support through our partners. We are working with local churches in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, ensuring people’s physical and spiritual needs are being met for those living in a warzone or displaced across Ukraine and Europe.


ERDO’s Response


We are continuing to provide internally displaced people and vulnerable families in Ukraine with emergency food, supplies and medicine. Since February 2022, over 34,000 people have received emergency food. 3,200 people have been given transportation and emergency shelter. Another 1,700 who have been rescued from bomb shelters and 300 orphans and children with disabilities were given safety and shelter outside of Ukraine.


We are assisting 22 refugee families, 110 people, with food and hygiene kits, alongside the Pentecostal Church of Croatia. We are providing diapers and wipes for families with babies or toddlers. Firewood, warm clothing, boots and jackets are being given to families in preparation for winter. 30 Ukrainian children living in Croatia were given school bags and school supplies to start a new school year.

Czech Republic

ERDO is working with the Apostolic Church to provide 200 refugee families with long-term support. We are helping children integrate into the school system and families find employment. We are also assisting ethnic minorities and marginalized groups, such as Roma families and people with disabilities, who fled Ukraine, and are providing them with shelter, food and supplies. We have served over 2,500 people so far!


Working with The Polish Pentecostal Church, we have assisted over 20,000 people with supplies sent into Ukraine. Together, we are providing shelter, supplies and food for 430 children who were evacuated from war zones and are living in a Polish orphanage. Together, we are establishing a preschool, which will help integrate Ukrainian children into Poland. Once the children graduate from preschool, they will qualify for public elementary schools.


ERDO has assisted over 700 refugees with shelter, food and essential supplies. ERDO is helping ACS bring van loads of food and essential supplies into Ukraine for internally displaced people, reaching thousands of people a day with lifesaving food.


Alongside The Pentecostal Union of Moldova, we are assisting 130 refugees, 70 women and 60 children, giving them shelter in churches. We are ensuring basic needs are met by providing food, bedding, clothing, hygiene items and other supplies to these families. We are helping our partners provide transportation to the hospital for those needing medical care, and helping mothers with childcare to give them much-needed respite.


We are sending non-perishable food, medication and first aid into Ukraine, which is being distributed to local churches and families hosting over 4,000 IDPs. We are also assisting in covering the costs of hosting refugees by purchasing food and other essential items.


Partnering with a local organization, over 500 Roma people fleeing Ukraine are having their basic needs met. These families are being provided with emergency food, shelter and medical supplies.

Thank you for helping us support families whose lives were interrupted by war. Your support and prayers are continuing to make a huge difference!