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Pakistan Floods

In need of food, water and shelter

Monsoon rains have caused devastation in Pakistan from June to the end of August, 2022, leaving millions of families devastated and their homes destroyed. ERDO, alongside a local organization, is now responding to bring emergency food, clean water and shelter to families in desperate need.

So far, 33 million people have been affected by the floods, which have destroyed over 1 million homes, hundreds of bridges and left families without food, clean water or shelter. The death toll has reached over 1,100 people throughout the whole country. Families are now facing starvation.

How Can You Help?

Together, we will be providing emergency food, shelter and clean water to families in need across Pakistan.  

1. We are bringing emergency food baskets to families in need, which contain items like: flour, rice, cooking oil, dry milk and drinking water.

2. We will bring shelter and supplies to families, which will include items like: tents, mosquito nets and hygiene kits.

In total, we are raising $100,000 to support around 1,000 vulnerable families (approximately 6,000 people) in Pakistan who have been severely impacted by these monsoon floods.

Thank you for prayerfully giving to this cause. Your donation of any amount is making a huge difference to a family in Pakistan.