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Emergency food for Myanmar

Myanmar continues to face a challenging situation with 25 million people in the country falling below the poverty line. Political conflict, effects of COVID-19, increase in food prices and limited food availability in conflict-affected areas have resulted in 14.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

Working alongside local partners, ERDO is providing households in three regions with access to nutritious food, as well as increasing the wellbeing of children by providing psychosocial support for children, parents, and teachers to build positive coping-mechanisms. Escalation of conflict and violence in different parts of the country, as well impacts of COVID-19, continue to undermine the availability of food, as well as access to health care services. The program aims to increase the food security and resilience of 4,876 people affected by conflict by providing food baskets for 1,320 households (4,756 individuals) and improving the psychosocial wellbeing of 949 people.

Thank you for your generous support of children and families during this time of crisis.