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Meet Adelaide

“I am grateful to both God and the Wezesha project for seeing the potential in us and investing in me. May the Lord almighty bless them abundantly.”

Adelaide is a widow with six children.  She bakes and sells chapati (a popular African flatbread) as a small business.  She started her business with the equivalent of only $8.  As you can imagine, with such a small business it was very hard for her to feed her children, let alone pay for clothing and school fees.  She used to set aside her dignity and beg for money for school fees in her local church.  Sometimes she would get money, other times she received nothing.

“My friend, Mathilde, introduced me to Wezesha project,” Adelaide said.  “My life changed. First of all, I opened a restaurant.  It was not easy at first, but I thank God I succeeded.  I have been able to purchase a piece of land and pay my bills.  It’s a miracle that I now have water and electricity.  Of course, there have been challenging moments.  The day that I received my fifth loan, my money was stolen.  Fortunately, Wezesha trusted me with another loan.  Now I have a stable business where my restaurant functions from 6am until late night.”

Thank you very much for your support to the Wezesha Project!