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Writing Your Sponsored Child

While writing to your sponsored child is completely up to you, it does mean so much for a child to get a brief note or photo. It also provides an opportunity to get to know your child better and to see the lasting impact sponsorship has in a young life.

Once a year, usually in September, we’ll send you a colourful card that you can sign and send back to your sponsored child in time for Christmas. Some people include a brief note and even add stickers or other flat decorations. It’s amazing to see the creativity and love in those cards and notes!

If you’d like to write more frequently to your special friend, please send them a brief note, family photos, a postcard or a drawing of your own.

In time, you’ll receive a note back – and maybe even a piece of art to proudly hang on your fridge to show your friends.

What Should Your Write About?

As getting started is sometimes the hardest part about writing a letter, here are some suggested things that you could write about:

-Your family
-Your favorite season and what it’s like
-The city or town where you live
-What you wanted to be when you were in school
-Your hobbies and interests
-Your favorite Bible verses, and simply sharing that you care for and are praying for them

Please avoid subjects that the child would not understand, or that are focused on wealth eg. vacations, purchases, etc. Asking clear questions will also help your sponsored child to know what to write to you.