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Aurpita’s Story

Aurpita lives in Kanchan, District: Nagaon, and she is 5 years old. Both her father Alib and her mother Sharmila work as day labourers. She has a younger brother named Avijit who is 6 months old.  Aurpita’s parents didn’t receive formal education although her father Alib is literate and her mother Sharmila is learning from Aurpita. The family is landless and rents their traditional small bamboo & reed walled home.

Aurpita’s father Alib says:
“Life is very hard for my family. My wife and I wake up early in the morning before the sun rises every day. I go to work early every day so that I can be one of the first men in the field and be hired for work. As a mother of two small children, my wife is not able to search for work early enough and many times cannot find work. Before the biscuit feeding started, Aurpita was too tired to play with the other children after the walk to school. If my wife did not find work for the morning there would be no tea or rice for the children. They would have to wait until I came home with the money in the evening. We worried that Aurpita was missing school because of sickness. In her second year of school things are different. The biscuits are making a big change in my girl’s life. Workers from PAOB (The Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh) told us that these small biscuits are healthy food. I did not think my daughter would like them but she does and Aurpita is no longer too tired to go to school. We plan to send our son to school with his sister when he grows up. My family is thankful for this help. Because the biscuits are given before school starts and before school finishes she will not be hungry when my wife picks her up.”

Teacher comments:
“Aurpita’s favourite color is pink and she loves coloring. She arrives at school early every day and is growing well. She no longer falls asleep in the morning during her lessons. Aurpita’s family works hard, but is one of the poorest family in Kanchan village and the family is happy to send their daughter in to the school and they are planning to send their son to the school in the future. I see a big difference in all of the children in their energy level and learning.”